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King Buzzo &

Trevor Dunn

JD Pinkus,


January 22, 2024, LOS ANGELES – King Buzzo, the iconic founder and lead vocalist/guitar player for the Melvins, and Mr. Bungle bass player Trevor Dunn, join forces this Summer, teaming up for the “King Dunn Tour,” which kicks off on Aug. 1 at Pappy + Harriet’s in Pioneertown, Calif.

“I’ve been waiting a LONG time to do an acoustic tour with Trevor,” Buzz Osborne shares. “He’s a fantastic player, and has the ability to make his bass sound like an oil tanker crashing into a coral reef.”

Osborne and Dunn have collaborated several times over the years, including Dunn’s participation in King Buzzo’s 2020 album, Gift of Sacrifice, as well as both being members of Fantômas, and Dunn’s work as a part of Melvins Lite. On the “King Dunn Tour,” Dunn will will play a stand-up concert bass, while Osborne will sing and play acoustic guitar.

King Buzzo, a.k.a. Buzz Osborne, is the singer, guitar player and founder of the enormously influential band, the Melvins. His innovative approach to songwriting, and guitar playing, has influenced countless musicians, and turned leagues of music lovers into ardent fans. Renowned for his pioneering use of down-tuned strings, Buzzo masterfully blended his punk and metal influences, and in turn, he created a groundbreaking new sound in heavy music. Over Osborne’s extensive career, which originated in the small hamlet of Montesano, Wash. in 1983, he has released over 30 albums under the Melvins’ moniker, two solo albums [Gift of Sacrifice (2020) and This Machine Kills Artists (2014)], as well as a number of collaborative projects including Fantômas and Crystal Fairy.

Trevor Dunn might be most widely known for his work with Mr. Bungle, the eclectic and unpredictable Northern California band he co-founded in 1985, but his career outside of Mr. Bungle has been just as notable. Also a member of Fantômas, Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant, Tomahawk and Melvins Lite, Dunn has also written music for various ensembles, performed extensively with John Zorn, and recently formed Riverworm Records, a label home for “discarded, forgotten, and misunderstood music.”


JD Pinkus

After being a part of the 1980 Georgia Boy’s State 100 meter freestyle record winning team, held in Milledgeville, GA, the future was looking bright for JD Pinkus at 12 years old.

‘Til the end of 1985 in Atlanta, where he dropped his swimsuit and Orange Sunshine and traded it for a life on the road playing Bass with Butthole Surfers, spreading the Butthole word. Later ‘Bassing’ for Melvins, Helios Creed, Honky, and many more..

Upon this spiritual journey he bonded with his 5-string banjo, spreading it on different recordings, including being backed by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin on Bass guitar in 1991 while he produced Butthole Surfers, as well as Flaming Lips and Melvins Recordings.

Finally a Cassette label mogul and banjo player extraordinaire, Danny Barnes, enlisted Pinkus to record his first solo Long Play recording for his cassette label Minner Bucket Records, which was then later released on Heavy Feather Records in 2018, ‘Keep On The Grass’.

Soon to follow was a relationship with Shimmy Disc / Joyful Noise Recordings and the releasing of another solo psychedelic SpaceGrass Banjo album, 2021’s ‘Fungus Shui’, as well as a collaboration with fellow Banjo Psychonaut, Tall Tall Trees, produced by Kramer called ‘Ponder Machine’, 2023.

The newest JD Pinkus album (release date June 7th 2024) on Shimmy Disc, is ‘Grow A Pear’. An album 5 years in the making. Bridging old sounds from his past with the more recent sounds of the fungal mountain he lives on now, with the assistance of a Blunderbuss of great musicians.

Past SpaceGrass Banjo shows and tours with the likes of Sleep, Weedeater, Clutch, Helmet, Quicksand, PW Long, Scott Biram,… Soon to be touring with King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn thru the US. 2 months starting Aug 1st . Look out for JD Pinkus Fall solo tours for EU/UK and Australia.

Go to JDPinkus.Com for tour updates, news, merch, social media links, videos, glamour shots, or just to hang out for a bit…