Sat, Jul 27
Lodge Room & FolkYeah Present

Beachwood Sparks Record Release Show

The Asteroid No. 4, Tan Cologne, Plus visuals by Zachary Rodell,

Beachwood Sparks Record Release Show
The Asteroid No. 4
Tan Cologne
Plus visuals by Zachary Rodell

Beachwood Sparks pioneered the indie-country genre, pushing Americana into experimental territories with their fusion of twangy country vibes and psychedelic sounds. Their unique niche in the indie music landscape is marked by ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics, influencing countless artists and shaping the “weirder” side of Americana music. With the release of “Across The River Of Stars” in 2024, their legacy as genre innovators continues to grow, solidifying their place as trailblazers in the indie-country movement.

Their albums “Beachwood Sparks,” “Once We Were Trees,” and “The Tarnished Gold,” released under Sub Pop Records, have earned widespread critical acclaim. Each album showcases their distinctive blend of psychedelic country, praised for dreamy melodies, lush instrumentation, and evocative songwriting. Their self-titled debut established them as indie-country innovators, while “Once We Were Trees” further solidified their reputation with introspective lyrics and ethereal soundscapes. “The Tarnished Gold” continued their legacy, displaying musical growth while maintaining timeless appeal.

In 2024, Beachwood Sparks makes a triumphant return with “Across The River Of Stars,” produced by Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes). Fans eagerly anticipate their signature blend of cosmic Americana and dreamy melodies. After a hiatus, they not only deliver new tunes but also grace the live stage once again, captivating audiences worldwide with their mesmerizing performances.