Sat, Aug 13

MC Chris – The Last Tour (The Last Show)

Jonah Ray’s “You Can’t Call Me Al”,
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DOORS 7:30PM | SHOW 8:30PM
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MC Chris – The Last Tour (The Last Show)
Jonah Ray’s “You Can’t Call Me Al”

mc chris is having a moment. You’ve probably already heard of him or heard him; you just don’t know it. His voice is playing most nights on Adult Swim. Thanks to streaming, his shows (Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and many more) are finding their way to new audiences and die-hards alike. Thanks to Disney+’s The Book of Boba Fett, his lyrics have found their way into articles about the show, into YouTube reviews of the show, and into Fett oriented Twitch and TikTok videos.

His fans call him legend, icon and king. He’s thought of as a game changer. His influence on comedy, animation and rap is unparalleled.

These days he’s a single dad coming out of Covid and with a determination to do what’s best for his son who he cares for full time. For two long years he has not been able to tour, cutting short a successful and groundbreaking 15-year run, but now that Covid restrictions have eased, mc is going back out one more time.

He can currently be heard in Adult Swim’s “Aquadonk Side Pieces,” and later this year his 19th release “King in Black” will be coming out in conjunction with his tour. Catch him while you can! Who knows when and if he will return.

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