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Fire EX.

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Band Introduction

Taiwan’s representative Punk Rock Band –Fire EX.

Band Journey

With 24 years in existence, this band has become a groundbreaking milestone in the Taiwanese music scene.
Fire EX., formed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 2000, is made up of lead vocalist Sam, guitarist Orio, bassist Jc, who were classmates in high school, and Kg, who stepped in as the drummer since early 2019.
Over the years, the band has released six full-length albums and multiple singles. The band combines punk rock with lyrics that reflect the experience of everyday life and captures the vibes of the current zeitgeist, striking a chord with Taiwanese audience and wins the title of “People’s Band of Taiwan”.

Distinctive Band Performances
Super-charged LIVE performance!
The band has been active in touring and organizing live events in East Asia with their company, Fire On Music, in recent years. Since 2013, the band has teamed up with MONOEYES from Japan to organize four “Far East Union” tour, a series of live performances joined by punk bands from Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong to tour in 4 major cities in East Asia.
Started from live venues with only 200 audiences, Fire EX. has fought its way into major festivals across the globe. In 2016, Fire EX. garnered their Japanese fan base with the release of their album in Japan and the collaboration with legendary musicians Takeshi Hosomi and Masafumi Isobe. In the same year, the band performed at Summer Sonic, the biggest festival in Japan. In 2017, Fire EX. became the first-ever Taiwanese band to play at Punkspring, the biggest punk festival of Japan, and performed in Central Park New York at the Summer Stage 2017 as the featured artist of Taiwanese Waves. Fire Ex. also made a first by playing in Okinawa at What a Wonderful World!!18, a festival organized by Okinawa band MONGOL800 in 2018. In 2021, Fire Ex. once again received an invitation to participate in the SXSW, a major urban music festival in Texas. As musicians featured in the Taiwan Beats Showcase, they took part in the event online. Also,they’ve performed at ‘Fuji Rock ’a remarkable music festival at Japan in 2022.

Musical Works
Before you even start listening, you’re already within this album!
The 6th album, “Human Condition,” was officially released in June 2023. After a four-year hiatus, the Fire EX. returns with a new creation. Produced in a California recording studio, blending global production vibes with that unmistakable local Taiwanese touch.
With a direct and powerful punk style, every track in the album carries an overflow of emotions. Each song corresponds to various moments in life – from the baptism of a newborn to weddings, funerals, and beyond. In the continuous emergence of challenging paths in life, let’s use music to catch each other along the way!
Prior to this, the band has already completed five albums and numerous compositions :
In 2015, Fire EX.’s ‘Island’s Sunrise ’became the signature tune for the Sunflower Movement, bagging the much-coveted ‘Golden Melody Awards – Best Song of the Year ’award, and in September of the same year, set up their own music company – Fire On Music Co., Ltd.In 2016, the band released their 4th album ‘REBORN ’and made history by organizing ‘2016 On Fire Day’, the first-ever live concert to be held in a baseball arena in Taiwan and attracted over 10,000 audiences. In 2017, the band brought their new song and Best Of collection album ‘Beginning The Second Half ’on their 35-stop world tour in 25 cities in Taiwan, Japan, the US, and Europe. The hit song of the album, ‘Southbound Night Bus ’brought tears and memories of home to Taiwanese overseas. In 2019, the band released their 5th album ’Stand Up Like A Taiwanese’. The album touches upon the history of democratization in Taiwan over the past hundred years and reaches further into the society with the band’s influence over young Taiwanese. The album speaks directly to Taiwanese audience, calling them to stand firmly and unapologetically as a proud Taiwanese, and once again shows the impact of Fire Ex. on Taiwanese indie music scene.