Thu, Jun 27



DOORS 7:30PM | SHOW 8:30PM

Francis Esteban, known professionally as ESTA, emerges as a notable American record producer and DJ hailing from Southern California. With a dynamic portfolio spanning multiple genres, ESTA has crafted records for a diverse array of celebrated artists, including Destin Conrad, Mack Keane, Joyce Wrice, Josh Levi, and 21 Savage to name a few.

Since catching the eye of artist collective Soulection in 2012, ESTA’s music has evolved into a captivating fusion of emotionally charged sounds. From the depths of sultry R&B to the heights of avant-garde soul, his compositions resonate with raw feeling and authenticity. Drawing inspiration from the overlooked and the unexpected, ESTA finds beauty in the unassuming—a broken radio’s static at a flea market or the whisper of wind through a balcony’s crack. His ethos revolves around the belief that true beauty doesn’t demand attention; it simply exists.

ESTA has meticulously crafted his upcoming debut album, enlisting the talents of his friends and contemporaries. Stay tuned as he continues to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of contemporary R&B music.

Stream ESTA’s new single “too fast” featuring Joyce Wrice and Duckwrth out now via The Orchard