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Drug Church

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Drug Church is a band without fear. For the past ten years, the Albany and Los Angeles-based five-piece
have been staunchly creating their own singular path in making distinctly outsider music that’s somehow
at once welcoming and instantly satisfying. The band’s songs revel in sonic contradictions, seamlessly
combining crushing aggression with bulletproof hooks, while the lyrics unflinchingly explore life’s darkness
and discomfort with sardonic wit—and without judgement. On Hygiene, their impending fourth full-length,
Drug Church is as uncompromising as ever, and it has resulted in their boldest set of songs to date. Drug
Church are still demanding that the listener comes to them, not the other way around, and with Hygiene,
they just might.

With each successive release Drug Church—vocalist Patrick Kindlon, guitarists Nick Cogan and Cory
Galusha, bassist Pat Wynne, and drummer Chris Villeneuve—have been pushing the seemingly
intractable elements of their sound further and further. Where their critically acclaimed 2018 album,
Cheer, brought more melody into the band’s combustible music, Hygiene doubles down without losing an
ounce of bite in the execution. “Sometimes I say we make radio music that can’t be played on the radio,”
Kindlon laughs. “I think it’s likeable but it’s also just not designed for mass appeal.”

Hygiene is in fact an incredibly appealing album despite being difficult to categorize—or perhaps because
of it. Recorded with producer/engineer Jon Markson and clocking in at a lean 26 minutes, the record
makes it abundantly clear that Drug Church aren’t content to rest on their laurels. Across ten strikingly
dynamic songs, Cogan and Galusha alternate between massive riffs and some of the most unexpectedly
melodic guitar playing that has ever touched Drug Church’s music, while Villeneuve and Wynne’s rhythm
section unflaggingly shakes the ground. The band’s foundation in hardcore still provides plenty of
stagedive-inspiring energy, but even Kindlon’s signature roar has taken a tuneful turn with layered vocals,
raw harmonies, and cadences hooky enough to have listeners shouting along after one listen.

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