Built in 1922 as the Highland Park Masonic Temple, Lodge Room has been preserved and updated for a new chapter. As music fans ascend the stairs to the 2nd story, they escape normalcy and are enveloped with timeless architecture and modern décor allowing an old world feel to usher in new world performances.

“…expect to see a lot from Lodge Room in the coming future…. the night [LA United for Puerto Rico] was hip, happening, and sold out. What more could you ask for in a new venue in Los Angeles?” – MAT MAG

“…Lodge Room has a particular kind of magic…” – LA Weekly

“…might just be one of the prettiest places to see live music east of downtown…” – LA MAG

“…a luminescent night at the Lodge Room…” – Buzzbands LA

“The new Highland Park venue is coming hot off the heels of a bangin’ opening weekend and is ready to roll…” – Grimy Goods

“What I’ve noticed over time is that there is some linking thread between all these shows, no matter how they sound, that contributes to some greater theme or aesthetic that belongs to the Lodge Room. They have their own identity and definition of cool that other venues simply miss.” – Janky Smooth